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2013 "Wellington Legend" & The Masters

Distance swimmer and recent inductee into the "Sports Legends Of Wellington" acts as an Ambassador for the NZ Masters Games.


Source: Sport Wellington, Newsletter, 13 September 2012

Click this link to view more Sport Wellington Newsletters.


Our Ambassadors are ready and willing to talk to anyone & any group about the Games. Call NZMG on 0800 35 40 45 and we can put our Ambassadors in touch with you today!


Newsletter 2013

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Games Manager Mike Cronin receives the first online entry from Mayor Annette Main


2013 Village Build

We're getting very excited here at Games Central!!

From our office window we can see the Village being built and just have to share it with you!  

We'll keep you updated with progress pictures here

Photographer: Simon Watson

To see the completed Village you'll need to come & see us!
Wed 30/1/13
Village-29-1-2013-front village-29-01-2013-adonis-dias
20. Main Entrance
Tue 29/01/13
19. View from the Adonis Dias
Tue 29/01/13
village-29-01-2013-Courtyard-1 Village-29-1-2013-marquee1
18. Petanque & Bocce terrain
Tue 29/01/13
17. Dionysus Entertainment Marquee
Tue 29/01/13
Village-25-1-2013-courtyard Village-25-1-2013-marquee
16. Petanque & Bocce terrain
Fri 25/1/13
15. Dionysus Entertainment Marquee
Fri 25/1/13
Village-24-1-2013-courtyard Village-24-1-2013-front
14. Petanque & Bocce terrain
Thu 24/1/13
13. Main Entrance
Thu 24/1/13
Village-23-1-2013-courtyard Village-22-1-2013-front
12. Petanque & Bocce terrain begins
Wed 23/1/13
11. Dionysus Entertainment Marquee
Tue 22/1/13
Village-22-1-2013-side Village-22-1-2013-rear
10. From the side
Tue 22/1/13
9. From the Touch fields
Tue 22/1/13
village-20-1-2013-side Village-20-1-2013-front
8. From the side
Sun 20/1/13
7. Main Entrance
Sun 20/1/13
village-19-1-2013-side Village-19-1-2013-front
6. From the side
Sat 19/1/13
5. Dionysus Entertainment Marquee
Sat 19/1/13
village-4 village-3
4. From the side
Fri 18/1/13
3. Main Entrance - The sun is shining!
Fri 18/1/13 
village-2 Village-1
2. Main Entrance - Roof going on main marquee
Thu 17/1/13
1. Main Entrance - Main marquee going up
Wed 16/1/13


2013 Krazy Kev & Gordon talking Football

A revved up Aussie football team are entering the 2013 NZ Masters Games.
Our sister city Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia are sending a team to Wanganui for the Games next year. Their local council is backing them and keen to get them here too! How cool is that?! Check out this radio interview....



2013 Law Firm Challenge

Wanganui’s Horsley Christie has a heavy involvement in next year’s Masters Games and challenges all NZ Law Member Firms!


Source: NZ Law Limited Newsletter, ISSUE 76 | SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER 2012


2013 A word from Carol

One of the great things about my role as Registrations Manager for the NZ Masters Games is getting to talk with the people and hear how excited they are about the Games. Carol Robertson of Wellington, NZ has this to say...


"We look forward to the Games so much and want to enter into as many events as we can. It is so much fun and have talked about it soooo much that quite a few of our friends are coming this time too, so it will be double the fun!"


That's awesome Carol! We know how enthusiastic you are about the Games and look forward to having you and your friends join us in February 2013. Make sure you hunt me down when you arrive and introduce yourself!


Carol has already registered for two sports and has taken advantage of the Early Bird Registration rate, which is only on offer till the end of October ~ that's less than 7 weeks away!


Get in now and do it online! Register for the Games You can return to the Registration System at anytime and check or amend your entry as needed.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us or 0800 35 40 45 (within NZ) or +646 349 1815


Registrations Manager

Fiona Pickering




2013 Suzuki 'Get Snapped & Win' Winners

Suzuki 'Get Snapped & Win' Winners

Congratulations to the New Zealand Masters Games 'Get Snapped & Win' competition winners who each take home an Apple iPad. 

Andy Burns
Barbara Glover
Monica Sutherland

Thank you to everyone who participated.


2013 Check us out on YouTube...

Interested in getting a glimpse of what's on offer at the NZ Masters Games in Wanganui?!


2013 Win Back Your Registration Fee Winners

Five lucky online entrants have been drawn to win back their registration fee.

Congratulations to:

Raymond Finlay, Patea

Kellick Harding, Hunterville

Simon Mori, Palmerston North

Marcus Smith, Palmerston North
Alan Tye, Taupo

back your registration fee!
Thanks to all those competitors and supporters who saved time & entered online!


2013 Food Court

In ancient Greek religion and myth, Demeter (dee-mee-tier) is the goddess of the harvest, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth. Demeters Food Court is named accordingly and serves to preside over the hunger and satisfaction of your appetite!

On board preparing a feast for Kings, is Graeme with the Couper Catering team. They’re looking forward to supplying quality food Fit for the Gods! at prices peasants would be pleased to pay.

Demeters Food Court is found at the heart of the Games Village in Springvale Park.

Here's a taste of what you'll find when you arrive...

Demeters is Open from 8am every day throughout the Games.
Demeters-Food-Court-Menu-sa        Click to enlarge


2013 South Pacific Cruise Winner

Janice ready to set sail on a perfect finish to the 2013 NZ Masters Games

Janice O’Brien was blown away at winning the Harvey World Travel 10 day pacific cruise giveaway drawn on closing day of the 2013 NZ Masters Games.

Janice’s name was drawn from 1,000’s of entries from NZ Masters participants who checked in personally at the village throughout Games week. She nearly fell off her chair when she took the call from Games Manager Mike Cronin saying she had won. While not able to attend the closing ceremony on Sunday evening to the prize as she was at her son’s birthday in Te Awamutu, she called into the Games office a few days later to collect the tickets prize from Wanganui Events Trust deputy Chair Geoff Hintz.

Janice is a Wanganui girl and has been a long time competitor at the Games, even volunteering at the first Games in 1989. At these Games Janice competed in and won Gold in 3 cycling events in the Velodrome and says she is enjoying the Games just as much now as when it began 24 years ago. She loves having the Games in Wanganui and intends to keep competing for some time yet.

Janice has not decided who will accompany her on the cruise just yet but hints that her elderly mother may have first dibs as she has always wanted to go on a cruise.

Janice wished to acknowledge NZ Masters Games and Harvey World Travel for offering this great prize.

Winner: Janice O'Brien (centre) with NZ Masters Games Manager, Mike Cronin (left) and
Wanganui Events Trust Deputy Chair, Geoff Hintz (right)


2013 What's on in the Village

We've got 10 activiity-packed days happening in the Village starting from Friday 1st Februrary. Click on the day below to see what's on in our Daily Diary.

Daily-Diary-1st Daily-Diary-1st Daily-Diary-1st Daily-Diary-1st Daily-Diary-1st
Friday 1st Saturday 2nd Sunday 3rd Monday 4th Tuesday 5th
Daily-Diary-1st Daily-Diary-1st Daily-Diary-1st Daily-Diary-1st Daily-Diary-1st
Wednesday 6th Thursday 7th Friday 8th Saturday 9th Sunday 10th


2013 Meet A Couple of Woodchoppers

Barry and Elsie Leslie of Wanganui, have had a life-time involvement in the sport of woodchopping...



2013 Fun Packages - by Renee Harrison

New Zealand Masters Games encourages laid-back socialites and energy junkies alike to take a crack
at a new sport or two and really get into the Games!

Written by: Renee Harrison, Wanganui


2013 Naomi's a winner!

The Sheffield Star reports on Naomi with her medals from the New Zealand Masters Games 2013.



2013 Games to become Zero Waste!

New Zealand Masters Games to become 'Zero Waste'
Written by Renee Harrison

zero-wasteThe New Zealand Masters Games has partnered with Zero Waste for the upcoming 2013 Games to minimise the amount of material collected during the Games going to the general waste landfill. This is the first step towards the New Zealand Masters Games becoming a Zero Waste Event in the future. 

The New Zealand Masters Games is the first big event in which the Zero Waste Scheme has been involved in. The Zero Waste Programme is in place at the Village with the aim of branching out into the Sporting Venues in the future to make the event completely Zero Waste. 

The Event Team for the Games in February is excited to see this scheme come to fruition and in some little way, save the planet! The two primary strategies of the scheme being introduced into the 2013 Masters Games are Recycling and Composting. Product from the Bar and Foodcourt in the NZCT Games Village will be sold in Biodegradable or Recyclable containers with food and beverage being brought into the NZCT Games Village controlled throughout the duration of the games, ensuring that a ‘Zero Waste’ accreditation is attained. 

zero-waste-close-upRecycling and Waste centres placed around the Village during the Games will have bins appropriately labelled and coloured ensuring that the right types of waste are received. With large banners and signage explaining the separation programme at each of the collection centres, including banners to remind Games competitors and visitors of the ‘Zero Waste’ policy, the New Zealand Masters Games is well on the road to becoming a ‘Zero Waste’ event. 

When you make the visit to the NZCT Games Village throughout the duration of the New Zealand Masters Games ensure that you follow the guidelines that are in place to make the Games a ‘Zero Waste’ event. Remember to take a moment to make sure that you are dropping the right product in the right bin and ‘GET INTO THE GREEN SCENE!’

“Food and beverage that doesn’t cost the Earth”

      Click to enlarge


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