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Team Managers 2018

Each team sport will require a team manager.  As a team manager you will be asked to register your team name and team colours.  As each of your team members register, they will be asked to select the team name they are registering for and will then be added to your team.   

MG Football-5 250 wideTeam managers can:

  • Set up a managed team
  • Create the team name, add and pay for players or just create an empty team for others to enter
  • Log back in at any time to view the team

How to Create a Managed Team
  1. Select the 'Enter Now' tab
  2. Select 'Create a Team'
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a login and team name
  4. Add and pay for players if you want OR
  5. Create an empty team for players to enter
  6. Log back in at anytime to see who has registered or to add and pay for more team players

How to View the Team

Once you've created a team using the 'Create a Team' function you can log back in and view those players who have registered and joined the team. To view the team:

  1. Select 'Log In'
  2. Select 'Team Manager'
  3. Enter your username and password created when you set up the team
  4. Select 'Log In'

The team will display and you'll see those members who've registered and joined your team - you can then chase up those players who may not have yet registered for the team.

If you have any queries or feedback please Contact Us


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